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For home and business

Fuel oil: keep your home nice and warm

Fuel oil, also called heating oil, is intended for heating equipment (furnaces):

  • No. 2 fuel oil (Standard oil for interior tanks)
  • No. 1 fuel oil (for use outdoors and some appliances such as fireplaces and stoves)

No. 2 fuel oil, the most common product, is not cold resistant and so is used to supply systems with an interior tank. The more refined No. 1 fuel oil can withstand temperatures below -15° and is used with outdoor tanks to run some heaters. In addition to outdoor systems, it can be used for some fireplaces and stoves because it burns more easily. To learn more about this, check out our FAQ.

There are many beliefs out there about fuel oil, but the facts are:

  • Fuel oil is safe. It is not explosive. Regular maintenance of the heating system is sufficient.
  • Can you smell oil? It’s a sign that something is wrong. A system functioning properly does not emit any odour. Rest assured that this odour is not at all toxic.
  • Gasoline and fuel oil have separate prices that are unrelated as the constitute two different markets
  • In other words, gas prices at the pump have no effect on fuel oil prices. Just because the price goes up at the corner gas station, it does not increase your heating costs.
  • The price of oil varies mainly because of three factors: the stock market (NYMEX), the value of the US dollar and the level of refined inventories in North America.

For vehicle fleets

Diesel: driving your activities

We deliver three types of diesel fuel to companies or gas stations:

  • Clear diesel (for road vehicles)
  • Dyed diesel (for stationary machinery, agricultural equipment, etc.)
  • Diesel for generators

Clear, ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) is the only fuel that can be used to propel motorized vehicles on our roads or for motorized machinery. It’s the law.

Dyed diesel is artificially coloured by authorities to identify it and discourage tax evasion.

Gas: don’t run out

We also safely deliver all types of gasoline (regular, intermediate and super unleaded) to your location.

We can deliver all at one visit, intermittently or regularly. Just call.

Tanks (Rentals and sales)

So the fuel question is settled, but what about the tank? Save time. We can lend you one to fuel your equipment. It’s also a better way to track on-site fuel consumption. You won’t need to make a special trip to order more.

We also sell tanks if you prefer the purchase option.


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