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Les Huiles Bertrand Inc. began operations in 1966 thanks to its founding president, Mr. Robert Bertrand. Mr. Bertrand coming from a family of farmers, the values of family, work, and responsibility accompany Les Huiles Bertrand Inc. every day.


Les Huiles Bertrand inc. began activities in 1966 under founding president Robert Bertrand. His ancestors’ farming values of family, work and responsibilities are an integral part of each and every day at Huiles Bertrand.

Ours is an independent business, not affiliated with any major oil company. Our flexibility allows us to listen to your needs and offer high-quality products at very competitive prices.
But it’s not just about the product. There is also the know-how and expertise passed down from generation to generation. We are one of the few companies in the Montreal area that has not changed hands.Customer-focussed staff training and equipment upgrades guarantee professional service meeting your expectations. Huiles Bertrand realizes it’s social commitment through community and charitable organizations.

Les Huiles Bertrand Inc. offers petroleum products, including:

  • Fuel oil
  • Clear diesel, coloured diesel and generator diesel
  • All types of gasoline, namely regular, mid-grade, and premium unleaded

Technical services are available for your heating and tank issues.

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